Empowering Smart Cities with Citizen Insights

Integrate local knowledge with advanced analytics to uncover community needs and transform urban living.

How it works

From data to discovery: gather crowd observations with ease


Get Your Custom NOA App

Get your own community app and tailor it to meet your design.

Engage Your Citizens

NOA automatically gamifies the user experience to boost engagement and ensure consistent participation.

Collect the Data You Need

Leverage NOA to gather reliable data through surveys, polls and community observation data.

Gain Unique Insights

Get automated analysis to uncover the true needs of your community and learn from their local perspective.
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Drive urban innovation with community participation

Empower your community with localized crowd insights

NOA offers municipalities a dynamic tool to engage citizens in local data collection and analysis. Utilize NOA's platform to enhance community-driven projects, from urban planning to environmental monitoring. Gain valuable insights from your residents, improve public services, and foster a sense of community involvement.

Transform the way your municipality interacts with citizens, making local governance more responsive, transparent, and data-informed.

Empower your research with new discoveries

NOA offers scientists a unique platform to amplify their research through global collaboration. Gather comprehensive data from a diverse pool of citizen scientists, enhancing the depth and scope of your studies.

Streamline your project management from setup to analysis, and share your findings with the scientific community effortlessly, contributing to a richer, more collaborative field of scientific research.

Catalyze innovation through citizen & employee insights

NOA provides businesses an innovative platform to engage employees in data collection and sharing, enhancing corporate knowledge and decision-making. By enabling employees to contribute observations and insights, businesses can harness a wealth of internal expertise and crowd insights.

NOA also offers an avenue for businesses to engage with wider communities, fostering a new dimension of public interaction and social responsibility. Use NOA to gather valuable data, drive employee engagement, and build stronger connections with your audience.

Enrich learning experiences with hands-on science

NOA revolutionizes science education by integrating real-world research into the learning process. Engage students in citizen science projects, fostering practical skills in data collection and analysis, and sparking their interest in scientific exploration.

Connect with a global community of researchers, exposing students to diverse scientific methods and perspectives, and nurturing future scientists and informed citizens.

Drive meaningful change with data-driven advocacy

NOA empowers activists to substantiate their causes with robust data. Collect and analyze critical information to support environmental, social, or community campaigns.

Utilize NOA's community engagement tools to organize and mobilize citizen scientists, making your advocacy efforts more impactful and credible, and influencing policy and public opinion through evidence-based campaigns.


Designed for efficacy and engagement

Gamified Engagement

Transform data collection into an interactive adventure.

Community Insights

Community sentiments, concerns, and ideas categorized by topic.

Quick Data Export

Effortlessly export data for research and analysis needs.

Custom Mobile App

Get your own community app with adaptable design.

Participation Tracking

Monitor participation rates and engagement trends.

Advanced Analytics

Uncover deeper insights from complex datasets quickly.

Effortless Setup & Customizable Project Design

No matter if you need to collect or classify data, tailor your project's design to your specific research needs

Community-based Data Validation

Ensure data quality through our community-validated approach.

Simple Data Export &  Analysis

Effortlessly export your data for analysis and gain insights with our integrated tools.

Gamified Community Engagement

Boost participation and data quality through engaging, gamified experiences.

Citizen Science

Get science out of journals and into the actual world

Citizen Science is science for everyone!

Millions of people volunteer in scientific research every day: From collecting data to analyzing results and solving key problems.

Urban Planning Initiatives

Utilize community-driven data to inform sustainable and responsive urban development projects.

Urban Planning Initiatives

Environmental Monitoring

Engage citizen scientists in collecting vital environmental data to support ecological research and sustainability efforts.

Environmental Monitoring

Shaping Local Policies

Gather community insights to inform and shape effective local policy decisions.

Shaping Local Policies


Foster hands-on learning by integrating real-world scientific research into educational initiatives.


Biodiversity Conservation

Mobilize widespread citizen involvement to gather extensive biodiversity data across various ecosystems.

Biodiversity Conservation


Involve the public in tracking wildlife, contributing crucial data for species conservation strategies.